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IARG Service

IARG provides very fast, reasonable priced and reliable registrer services. The Group unites pedigree reliability from most reliable and best clubs, associations and incorporations with a history starting from 1873. IARG's own history last over some shortlived registrys and that guarantees the solid paperwork for all animal owners.

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Purebreeds - world wide

Currently IARG register over 650 different pure breeds (see list of breeds here). If your animal or it's ancestors are registered in some of our affiliated registrarys then it is a wise decision to register the animal and future litters in IARG. Good, reliable and longliving - International - service.

Why using IARG?

Registration fees

Single person account FREE Unlimited account, tranfers etc.
Breeder account FREE Unlimited kennelnames etc.
Registration transfer to new owner* FREE Easy and quick owner tranf.
Litter registration* FREE No additional litter fees.
Registration fee per animal* 44.5 € ($49.98 USD) Includes documents.
6 generation pedigree* 59.6 € ($66.94 USD) Includes international mail.
Extra mail fee 9.5 € ($10.67 USD)  
*) Requires account registration, free.