Selected News, updated on Sunday 9th of May 2021by IARG.

International All Breed Canine Association
October 2020 24 & 25
King, NC

LGRA Racing
Greater St. Louis Training Club Rally & Obedience Trial

Dec 31, 20 – Sun Jan 3, 2021
Clark County Event Center
17402 NE Delfel Rd
Ridgefield, WA 98642 hu,

Euro Dog Show 2021
20 - 23 May 2021
Hungary, Budapest

AKC News
AKC Approved CGC Evaluators administer the CGC, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and AKC Community Canine programs. Read more from AKC news.

More Service Dogs Than Ever?
Psychology Today - Susan B. Winston writes about todays service dogs. Read more.

Popularity with purebred and properly registered dogs is rising. At the same time the biggest, old registrarys have lost in their share what comes to new registrations. Take a look at the IARG-Certified and affiliated registrarys, click here.

The Sunshine State Autumn Sieger will be held at Greater Ocala Dog Show Grounds in Ocala, FL. Read more from IABC news.

Dogs and Cats
Surveys show that over half of all American households now have at least one cat or dog sharing the home. Today the pet dog population is over 65 million, and the pet cat population is well over 79 million. Read more.

Breeders' Meeting 2021

It is time to sign up for the annual IARG's Breeder's Meeting.

Working Dogs
Working dog breeds increases their share of all IARG registrations right now. We expect that the working dog declared breeds will expand their share more than 20% until the end of 2021.

Owner Survey
A quick survey among breeders and owners of rare breeds tells that most registerys do not match the needs. Alarming fact is that many registrarys have ended their work and the registrerys vanished at the same moment as the registery has closed the front door. IARG has managed to save many registerys like those and the pedigrees will now continue. Read more about this project from the support center.

New Dog Breeds?
Did you know that many dog breeds are 25 yrs or younger? Did you know that many dog breeds that are often referred as historically old breeds are originated to 1930's or even 1970's? That do not mean that there are not old dog breeds but many time dog breeds are quite new creations - which is not bad.
Today we register in IARG several hundred different dog breeds, take a time and peek at list. Click here.

You are reading selected News, updated on Sunday 9th of May 2021by IARG.